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The Holistic Guide 
To Gut Health

by Dr. Mark Stengler

Discover the Truth about Leaky Gut, Balancing Your Microbiome, and Restoring Whole-Body Health

Dr. Mark Stengler, NMD, MS, is one of the most respected integrative doctors in. America. 
He was voted the 2021 Doctor of the Decade by the prestigious International. Association of Top Professionals and Top Naturopathic Medical Doctor 2023. He is a bestselling author and has treated patients for almost three decades.

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Here's The Truth:

Your gut is so much more than just a part of the digestive system. It's the vital organ that all of. the others in your body depend on for nutrition. It's also the first line of defense against disease

My latest book, The Holistic Guide To Gut Health, dives into the gut-body connection and reveals the true cause of many of your health issues - including Leaky Gut - and teaches how to HEAL them through clinically proven methods.


Super Supplements For Leaky Gut...

Discover the powerful succulent plant that provides anti-inflammatory properties to protect the gut lining

Page 89


Protocols For Targeting Specific Digestive Issues...

Learn about natural therapies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome that alleviate symptoms once and for all

Page 139

Recipes To Heal Leaky Gut....


Find out how make my favorite, a delicious "cleaned-up" chicken salad


Page 194

The Real Causes Of Leaky Gut...

Learn that leaky gut is caused by much more than the foods you eat, including common medications

Page 53

Microbiome And Metabolism Connection...

Learn how altered gut bacteria slows your metabolism andhat to do about it

Page 36

Treat Autoimmunity Through Great Gut Health...

Learn how to balance your overactive immune system with specific gut protocols

Page 157

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Here's what other doctors are saying about

The Holistic Guide To Gut Health....

"'Dr. Stengler shares the research and physiology behind. leaky gut syndrome with expertise

This book is written in such a way that patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers alike can learn about leaky gut syndrome and dysbiosis.".

— Linette Williamson, M.D., ABAARM

"Wow! What a good gut health read.

Dr. Mark, one of America’s most trusted doctors, takes you on an easy-reading journey through your gut. As an experienced and science-based author, Dr. Stengler uses memorable phrases and engaging infographics to ‘show and tell’ you how to enjoy his life’s teaching: better gut health, better total- body health. My wish for you wise readers: learn it, do it, and feel it. I personally have followed his good-gut-health plan and am enjoying vibrant head-brain and gut-brain health.”

— William Sears, M.D., best-selling author of multiple books, including The Healthy Brain Book

"A brilliant expose on the true and. devastating impact of the leaky gut on the entire body

Dr. Stengler has done it again: he has deciphered and demystified the true health impact of a 'leaky gut' The gut is so much more than the epicenter of. digestion. It is the first line of defense and protection from the outside world. Each day we fuel our bodies with food and drink,. and we depend on the innate wisdom and integrity of our GI tract and the microbiome to moderate and mitigate what enters our bloodstream and inner. workings. Expanding on the concept of leaky gut-leaky brain, Dr. Mark gives you a. play-by-play on how a leaky gut impacts. each cell of your body. This book is a must-. have to know the real truth about leaky gut and overall gut health."


— Chris Meletis, N.D., author of The Disciples’ Diet

Whether you're looking to help fix debilitating gut issues or just revitalize your digestive system my newest book, The Holistic Guide To Gut Health, could be life-changing for you and your family.

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